Comenius 2004 - 2007    ********     Shaping the European Future Together

               Projects 2004 / 2005:

Sports and breakfast   Cartoon ”Comenius Cat and the kittens”    One day hike     Competition   Sports in school and region

Sport und Gesundheit   Comic: "Die Comenius-Katze und ihre Kinder   Tageswanderung   Wettkampf    Sport in Schule und Region

         One day Hike

             ~   Content / Skills

                     -         one day, spent in the nature or in a special camp, where the students have to deal with  sports and healthy 

     ~   Stations

                     -         meeting before starting the project to come in the topic and to speak about all proposals and problems

                    -         collecting of herbs, healing herbs, berries and other necessary things

                    -         Project work :  * Producing of food, including the collected herbs a. s. o.

                          * doing sports like running, climbing, balance the own body, work one´s way along a rope, bow and arrow, 
                              throwing on a  special target  ........

                          * putting up tents or hut, made of wood or other things

                          * preparing the common meal

                     -    students should work in different groups but they should run through each station or they should take part 
                     in at least 2 stations

            ~   Results

                     -     common meal

                    -      students write a report / documentation / text about their project, including lots of photos, showing 
                      the parts of the project work

            ~   Responsibility

                    -      school of Triebes in cooperation with the school of Balatonlelle

  ~   Deadlines / Date

                     -     all schools, included into the project, have to send their 3 – 5 pages ( A4 ) about the project work 
                     to Triebes till the middle of June, 2005