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               Projects 2004 / 2005:

Sports and breakfast   Cartoon ”Comenius Cat and the kittens”    One day hike     Competition   Sports in school and region

Sport und Gesundheit   Comic: "Die Comenius-Katze und ihre Kinder   Tageswanderung   Wettkampf    Sport in Schule und Region


    Ø      Sport events: for students age 14 (born 1990/91). Boys and girls will compete separately

  1. Basketball free throws: 10 shots from free line

  2. 60 m race

  3. Long jump

  4. High jump

    Ø      Result: Send tabels with results and best 3 students with pitctures for Nelle.            
            NB! Please send me also  the number of participants.

    Ø      Deadline: 15. April 2005

    Ø      Summarized Result: will be send back at latest 04. May 2005 by Turba School.

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