Comenius 2004 - 2007    ********     Shaping the European Future Together

        Projects 2004 / 2005:

  1. Sports and breakfast  -  Typical breakfast
    Questionnaire: Behaviour of young people in sports and breakfast
    Description and photo of typical breakfast
  2. Cartoon ”Comenius Cat and the kittens”
    ”Comenius Cat and the kittens” are going to the various countries to keep fit and discover the national sporting attitudes
  3. One day hike
    The students, spent one day in the nature or in a special camp, where they have to deal with
    sports and healthy food
  4. Competition
    Students aged 14 are searching the Comenius champions in Basketball, race, long jump, high jump and chess. The chess tournament take place in the internet.
  5. Sports in school and region
    Students are producing PowerPoint displaying  sports from their school and region