Comenius 2004 - 2007    ********     Shaping the European Future Together

               Projects 2004 / 2005:

Sports and breakfast   Cartoon ”Comenius Cat and the kittens”    One day hike     Competition   Sports in school and region

Sport und Gesundheit   Comic: "Die Comenius-Katze und ihre Kinder   Tageswanderung   Wettkampf    Sport in Schule und Region

        Project: „Sport and breakfast”  -  Typical breakfast 

            Typical breakfast – Typisches Frühstück


            -         Fill in a form (file)

            -         Take pictures of your typical breakfast for children and adults

            -         Send file with result and pictures to Eisenberg

          -         Dead line: 15.12.2004

            -         Eisenberg will send back the main result to every school till 31.01.2005

            -         This project will be printed by every school