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               Projects 2004 / 2005:

Sports and breakfast   Cartoon ”Comenius Cat and the kittens”    One day hike     Competition   Sports in school and region

Sport und Gesundheit   Comic: "Die Comenius-Katze und ihre Kinder   Tageswanderung   Wettkampf    Sport in Schule und Region


Project: Cartoon ”Comenius Cat and the kittens”        Template

1.                  Design a cartoon kitten and give it a name.

       2.                  In each box on the cartoon template show your kitten doing activities that keep it healthy e.g.
       In Cyprus it may go skiing in the Troodos mountains, swimming in the sea, playing basketball, 
     eating a healthy breakfast etc.

       3.                  The cartoons can be drawn and then scanned onto the template

       4.                  The lines accompanying the cartoon tell a story about how and why the kitten does the
         activities. It should be written as a story and you can be as creative as you like!

        Please email the finished cartoon to Cyprus by 1st April.

        We look forward to seeing the finished results.

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