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Projects 2004 / 2005:

Sports and breakfast     Cartoon ”Comenius Cat and the kittens”         One day hike       Competition       Sports in school and region

Sport und Gesundheit   Comic: "Die Comenius-Katze und ihre Kinder   Tageswanderung      Wettkampf        Sport in Schule und Region

Chess tournament  More Details:

1. In school a team can be 1 - 4 players. 

2. We playing under . 

3. There are the following rules: 

- 40 moves in 2 hours per team, then further 20 moves in an hour per team to the time has run down.

- The time is on the programme in 

- The games start at 11.00 o’clock. 

4. After the game both schools will send results to Triebes, who register them to tournament table. 

5. Tournament will start in February. See time table

 6. The first named teams have got the colour “white”.

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