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 Mein schönes Weidatal

 My beautiful Weida valley          

 Still before the sun stays in the sky, I go out of the town.

A cool wind is blowing, the daily routine stays at home.

The walking makes me happy in fresh morning air,

 the lark sings a song, the cuckoo shouts in the forest.


 From the Devil Mountain I look down in the valley to the ´Sichelmühl´,

 the colourful flowers everywhere, the waterfall rushes.

 A walking man goes along the beautiful Mill ground,

his song sounds upwards the rock in the fresh morning hour.


And I walk along the valley to the Hammer Mill

 the walking men meet there inside the mill.

 You rest when you have a cool drink, you must go homewards soon,

 a walking song takes us home, oh Weida valley, how beautiful you are.


Oh Weida valley, how beautiful you are with your mills, your height.

The little brook runs through the valley I say hallo to you, oh miller woman.

I say hallo to you, walking men, I welcome you all today.

Don ´t forget the Weida valley. Say hallo to it ones more from a dist



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