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Calendar. Coordinated by The American Academy, Cyprus.                             Specified by Cyprus

  • This project shall be compiled from 2 “images” selected through a competition held within each school. The competition shall be individual within each school.
  • The calendar shall also include important date: EU/international, school, Comenius, National holidays and time changes.
  • It was decided each school shall have pictures that COULD be based around a certain month. This does not have to be the case, but may be a guide for the pupils.
  • The months were allocated as follows:



Front – Balatonlelle  Aug - Balatonlelle Balatonlelle, HU
 Apr – Benalmadena Jul - Benalmadena Benalmadena, E
Mar – Eisenberg Oct - Eisenberg     Eisenberg, D
 Jun – American Academy Sept - American Academy Limassol, CY
May – Sutton Coldfield Back – Sutton Coldfield Sutton Coldfield, GB
Jan – Triebes Dec - Triebes Triebes, D
Feb – Estonia  Nov - Estonia Turba, EE


  • The pictures for the calendar need to be landscape, but any size upto A3.
  • The pictures can be a drawing, painting, photo etc, and must include the name of the child, school/class and title ON THE BACK.
  • It is hoped that the final calendar shall be ready for sale by October 2003.
  • This will only be possible if the two pictures are sent to Cyprus by 30th April 2003.
  • Elias will organise for the final calendar to be put onto CD which will be sent to Sutton Coldfield to be printed.
  • Richard is to find information about printing.
  • Dates and basic information needs to be sent to Elias as soon as possible.