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Poster with statistics. Poster coordinated by Sutton Coldfield, Statistics coordinated by Tribes.  

  • This display shall consist of, when completed, information about each participating country and school.

  • Each school needs to produce 7 posters about their country, 1 to be sent to each school.

  • Basic information to be included is: Population, capital, GDP 2000, area, currency (and converted into Euros).

  • Some information is to be written inside an outline map of their country. (size A1 cut into the shape.)

  • Other information to be included comes from the results of a questionnaire carried out throughout your school.

  • There are 5 basic questions that must be included in this questionnaire:

1)      Total number of students asked?

2)      How often did you go on holiday (2+nights) in 2002?

0 days ,1-2 days 3-4 days, 5-6 days, 7+

3)      How many times did you travel abroad during 2002?

4)      To which countries did you travel?

5)      In which months did you travel?

  • Pupils can add other questions that they think will give them a good indication about tourism in their area.

  • This questionnaire should be designed by pupils aged 13-15 years.

  • All the information: Questionnaire results, graphs, tables, outline map, pictures etc needs to be sent to each school by 28th February 2003.

  • The information sent to each school should be for the finished display so when it is received at is ready to be put up.

  • It is suggested that a class of small groups work on the poster display completing the basic information about their country within the outlines so that you have 7 different maps. This saves on photocopying.