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Education - Erziehung

(2)         Environmental walk    (Project: Nature walk)


Experience nature and our environment

A nature walk that involves all our senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting)

Discovering and noticing pollution in the environment

Possible ways of avoiding pollution



6 stations with different tasks to do

A 10-question test

DIY from recyclable/natural materials

Analysing water/soil pollution with chemicals

Recognising different species of plants and animals in pictures or in nature

Finding points of the compass (without a compass) orientation with the help of the sun

Finding out about the major wind direction (by the listing of trees)

Find out what nature can offer for us (mushrooms, berries, herbs, fuels, fish, 

animals as food, recreation, relaxation etc.)

Expected result:

Our pupils will be more aware and sensitive of nature and environment

A 2-page essay about the walk illustrated with photos sent to the school in Tribes

They make a CD of the essays and also puts them on the Internet by 10th June 2007

 Deadline:                      20th May 2007

 Responsibility:            Triebes