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Fairfax School Sutton Coldfield / Birmingham/ United Kingdom 

Cartoon - Comenius - Cat  

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A day in the life of George the Comenius Cat (Fairfax School)

1. George normally wakes around 8am unless his alarm fails. He makes his way to the bathroom and uses the ‘litter tray’ before having a cat-wash. He also styles his fur with fur gel!


After his wash, George pounces downstairs and joins his family for breakfast.

2. Depending on time of year, George may find a warm or cold breakfast. During the warm summer months, George can expect to eat cereal with cold milk. In the winter, George likes to eat a warm, oat based cereal and possibly some toast with a lovely layer of sweet honey or jam!

 Even though George is of the feline breed, he tends to drink a fruit juice for breakfast although he sometimes has tea.


3. Some of the kittens George attends school with get lifts into school in their parent’s cars. George however, walks to school with his mates. His Mum stays and Dad normally drive off to work after George has left the house.
4. Once at school George has a good old chat with his friends. They talk about all sorts of stuff including football, PC games and films. 

Before long the alarm bell goes and all the kittens rush to register. 

After registration they go to their first lesson


5. Each of George’s 4 lessons lasts 70 minutes. At 11.40, after the second lesson, George has break. He rushes to the canteen where he and his friends buy their food. Some pupils eat their lunch now but other wait till later. On sale are chips, pizza, burgers, sausage rolls, cereal bars, salad and sandwiches. They also sell fizzy drinks.

 George tries to stay healthy by buying sandwiches and fruit but some cats don’t.

6. George’s third lesson of the day is PE which stands for Physical Education. All school cats in England have to do 2 hours of PE each week. 

They play many different sports including rugby, cricket, hockey, tennis, netball and of course PAWball! 

George is lucky as he gets to play Rugby with is his favourite. It is cold and wet but they still play outside for an hour before coming back inside to shower.

7. Unfortunately for George, the rain hasn’t stopped by the time the bell goes for lunch. He races to the canteen again to grab a snack. Other cats now eat their main meal. 

George and his school pals speed their food down as they are so eager to get outside and play PAWball.

They do this most days unless there is a whole school sporting competition they are playing in or watching.

8. It’s 3.30pm and George has just finished History, his last lesson of the day.

 8. The bell finally goes to allow all the cats and kittens to go home or to after school clubs. 

George and his friends go along to PAWball club (The same as football but for cats, thus the name ‘PAW’ ball!) They have a good practice and learn a lot of new skills from their coach (PE teacher). 

At 4.30pm George is very tired and happily makes his way back home by foot – sorry, I mean paw!

9. George finally arrives home and gets on with his history homework – an essay on King Whiskers II. Once that is finished, he goes downstairs and enjoys his favourite dinner – fish and chips. He and his family gather round the telly to watch the late night PAWball game. 

Before going to bed, George brushes his teeth and slips on his pyjamas. Just another busy day in the life of George the kitten!!


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