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A day in the life of Felix Blackfor the Comenius Cat (American Academy)


Felix Blackfur, The Comenius Cat is training to keep fit and have a tremendously healthy body by attending the Best Gyms around Cyprus.


On Tuesdays she goes to ballet lessons. All girls love ballet, although she didnít like it at the start she loved it as soon as she found out how good it was for her and the soothing music calmed her, unlike all the types of music. Very soon she danced all around the neighborhood.



Today is a really hot day so Felix Blackfur has decided to go to Coral Bay in Paphos.  It was so hot, she had to jump in the sea and start swimming. Soon after, she went sailing in a yacht around the coast of Cyprus enjoying the view as well as the fresh sea air!



 Since skipping is such a good way to build up stamina she grabs a rope and starts faster than a heavy weight champion. And since itís so easy itís one of her favourite sports.



Today, Felix Blackfur entered in the running competition between him and other players from all over Cyprus. Itís called Athletes of Cyprus Competition. He wants to see Cyprus while heís running to keep fit. There was a checkpoint every three kilometers. The road was not very difficult but it wasnít very easy either. There were downhill tracks but there were also uphill tracks. There were a lot of contestants as they all wanted to be fit.

Friday evening

Itís 6 oíclock in the evening and Felix is on her way to football training at Tsirio Stadium. She supports a team called Furrysville and trains with many others cats for 1 hour and then plays a match. Sheís pretty good and enjoys it. She plays every Friday.

Saturday morning

After a long day of hard training at the gym, Felix has decided to cool off at the snowy mountains in Troodos. There she meets some of her friends and enjoys the steep slopes, on her smooth aerodynamic skis.

Saturday evening

Basketball is quite a popular game for the Comenius Cat. Felix and her friends enjoy playing exceptionally much so practice once or twice a week. Now itís 8 in the evening they have just started playing. She has quite a good aim but still tries to improve it; her speed does not need improving since sheís an extremely healthy cat!


The skiing was long and tiring so Felix decides to invite her friends up to her cabin at Platres village for a souvla barbeque party that Cyprus is so famous for. Sheís lucky because sheís up in the mountains near Troodos area so that her friends can enjoy a delicious meal and enjoy the panoramic view of Limassol as well as the extraordinary sunset.


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