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 Results of Conference in Balatonlelle

Over the 5 day conference projects were designed for all the participating schools based around the theme of tourism. The final project titles are as follows.


  1. Song book and recipe book.
  2. Calendar 2004.
  3. Poster display with statistics.
  4. Dictionary/phrase book
  5. Postcards.


Each of these projects will have a coordinating school that will be responsible for keeping people up to date on ideas and deadlines.

 This is a summary of the basic information decided while in Hungary. More detailed information shall be forwarded by the coordinators in due course to confirm the dates etc.





Songbook/recipe book. Coordinated by Eisenberg.


  • This shall be on A4 paper, folded in half. This shall contain recipes and songs specific for each country.
  • Each school needs to provide 3 recipes: Starter, main course, sweet.
  • Each school needs to provide 3 songs: Traditional, Folk, Pop/modern.
  • The deadline for this is 30th March when all this information needs to be sent to Eisenberg for completion.
  • There are specific dimensions for this project, but more detailed information will need to be sent from Harald.

  Calendar. Coordinated by The American Academy, Cyprus. 


  • This project shall be compiled from 2 “images” selected through a competition held within each school. The competition shall be individual within each school.
  • The calendar shall also include important date: EU/international, school, Comenius, National holidays and time changes.
  • It was decided each school shall have pictures that COULD be based around a certain month. This does not have to be the case, but may be a guide for the pupils.
  • The months were allocated as follows:

 Front – Balatonlelle                              Jul - Benalmadena

Jan – Triebes                                       Aug - Balatonlelle

Feb – Estonia                                       Sept - American Academy

Mar – Eisenberg                                 Oct - Eisenberg

Apr – Benalmadena                           Nov - Estonia

May – Sutton Coldfield                      Dec - Triebes

Jun – American Academy                     Back – Sutton Coldfield


  • The pictures for the calendar need to be landscape, but any size upto A3.
  • The pictures can be a drawing, painting, photo etc, and must include the name of the child, school/class and title ON THE BACK.
  • It is hoped that the final calendar shall be ready for sale by October 2003.
  • This will only be possible if the two pictures are sent to Cyprus by 30th April 2003.
  • Elias will organise for the final calendar to be put onto CD which will be sent to Sutton Coldfield to be printed.
  • Richard is to find information about printing.
  • Dates and basic information needs to be sent to Elias as soon as possible.



Poster with statistics. Poster coordinated by Sutton Coldfield, Statistics coordinated by Tribes.


  • This display shall consist of, when completed, information about each participating country and school.
  • Each school needs to produce 7 posters about their country, 1 to be sent to each school.
  • Basic information to be included is: Population, capital, GDP 2000, area, currency (and converted into Euros).
  • Some information is to be written inside an outline map of their country. (size A1 – cut into the shape.)
  • Other information to be included comes from the results of a questionnaire carried out throughout your school.
  • There are 5 basic questions that must be included in this questionnaire:

 1)      Total number of students asked?

2)      How often did you go on holiday (2+nights) in 2002?

0 days

1-2 days

3-4 days

5-6 days


3)      How many times did you travel abroad during 2002?

4)      To which countries did you travel?

5)      In which months did you travel?


·  Pupils can add other questions that they think will give them a good indication about tourism in their area.

·  is questionnaire should be designed by pupils aged 13-15 years.

·  All the information: Questionnaire results, graphs, tables, outline map, pictures etc needs to be sent to each school by 28th February 2003.

·  The information sent to each school should be for the finished display so when it is received at is ready to be put up.

·  It is suggested that a class of small groups work on the poster display completing the basic information about their country within the outlines so that you have 7 different maps. This saves on photocopying.


Dictionary/phrase book. Coordinated by Balatonlelle.


·  This project will include basic phrases a tourist might need if they were to visit one of the participating countries.

·  This can be on going and added to at various stages.

·  Hungary will send the 50 or so phrases written in Hungarian, English and German to each school by 30th November 2002.

·  Each school will check this, and for the Cyprus school they will need to add their translation. This needs to be done, and sent back to Hungary by 15th January 2003.

·  Each school will need to make a tape or CD copy of the phrases spoken by the children. This needs to be sent to each school by 30th March.




·  This is a quick and easy idea aimed to get the pupils from each school interested in Comenius.

·  Each school is to send 5 postcards to each other school. (35 post cards in total)

·  The pupils write in English and their National language.

·  This is to be done by 30th October.