Comenius   04 - 07       *******     Shaping the European Future Together

Special guests: Gymnasium "Sykhivska", Lviv, headmaster: Putiy Halyna Ivanivna

Contact teachers: Ulana Stankewych (German teacher) Olesya Naumko (English teacher)


Ten students coming from Gymnasium "Sykhivska" took part of street soccer tournament and youth camp last year.

During this year we had been connected with the Gymnasium "Sykhivska"  in following projects:

- Writing a common story about a ball on his trip around the world (Students from Turba, Lviv and Eisenberg)

- Exchanging information about traditions in Germany and Ukraine

- Celebrating the European day

- Planting a tree

You will have the opportunity to see and read the results of this beginning partnership if you use the following links:

Trip around the world                 European Day            Planting a tree           Ukraine traditions:   Art   Story