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The chat will be organized for students of all schools in our group.  There is a test at December 2nd. All members will get: username and ID to take part.  Announcment in Eisenberg using the official  form via fax or email.

The channel should have:

- menu in German and English

- password for invited students

- administrator to control rules


The times: 11.30 - 12.15 o'clock ( GB)
  12.30 - 13.15 o'clock MET (HU, GER, ES)
  13.30 - 14.15  o'clock  (CY,EE)


Date Intention Date Intention
08.12.2003 Preparation 13.01.2004 4th meeting
09.12.2003 1st meeting 20.01.2004 5th meeting
16.12.2003 2nd meeting 27.01.2004 6th meeting
18.12.2003 3rd meeting 28th - 30th January Evaluation

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