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 Enviromental day

The schools organize an Enviromental day for the pupils.



Enviromental day


The school organized Enviromental day for the pupils on 14th October 2006.

The race of the Lower House started at 8 o’clock a.m.

While the first and the second formed pupils were writing an enviromental tote, the third and the fourth

formed pupils practised the sensonable traffic.

The pupils of the Upper House started toward Irmapuszta from 8 o’clock a.m. with fifteen minutes changes.

The first station was at the Chemistry Labor where Aunt Anita and Aunt Julika waited for us with crosswords.

Then was a long walking to the next station.

We arrived a bit tiredly but very happily to Aunt Margit that we answered her questions.

There were Geographical riddles and we got a compass to determine north. Till this minute everything was right.

 But we chose wrong way by an intersection and almost missed the direction.

But at last we arrived the next station. Aunt Judit waited us there.

One half of the class took a puzzle about the Power Station of Paks, the next half wrote a tote. It was succes.

The next station was near the cementary of Irmapuszta.

Aunt Zsuzsa take different litters on  the lawn and we made groups of them about their materies.

At the next station Aunt Piroska waited for us with two very interesting tasks.

We had to find birds among the trees and the bushes. But the task wasn’t too easy.

We had to say the birds’ names too. We had to recognize plants for the next task.

For the last task we had to make something creative things with tins. We made a flower stand.

It happened near the fish pounds.

After the tiredly walking we went to a playground where we played a great football match.

Then the brithning point of the day was coming when Uncle Zoli acquainted with us the points of the race.

There was a very succesfull day. I liked especially that we could learn with interesting tasks about the environment.

We see every they that we are the people the main distroyer of the nature.

This day help us that we save, defend our lifeplace, the Earth isn’t ours we lent it from our grandchildren.

                                                 Gabriella Kenéz

                                                 7 A form

                                                 Balatonlellei Általános és Zeneiskola