Comenius   04 - 07       *******     Shaping the European Future Together

Plant a tree, EUROPE DAY

Altala’nos Balatonlelle: Maidenhair Tree (Gingko); American Academy: Cyyprus Olive Tree; DOS Eisenberg: Peach tree 

and Apple tree; Fairfax Sutton Coldfield: Cherry treeRGS Triebes:  Forest pine; Turba Gynaasium: Fir tree

Sutton Coldfield    Pictures of event   Survey

Triebes   Pictures of event   Survey

We will be planting 

a flowering 

cherry tree 

which represents "education." 


Tree of 

the year 2007, 


Forest pine

Turba    Pictures of event   Survey

Eisenberg    Pictures of event   Survey

In autumn we were sure that we would plant spruces but in spring the situation  changed.

Birch tree -->


            Peach tree                       Apple tree

        (students favourite)          (parents favourite)

We will be also planting as teachers favourite: 

Maidenhair Tree (Gingko)

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Balatonlelle   Pictures of event   Survey

We will be planting the Cyyprus Olive Tree.

We are going to plant a "páfrányfenyo" (Gingko Bilboba) tree.The Gingko is an isolated, independant species of the flora. It survived the Ice Age too. Extracts of Gingko have traditional been used as herbal medicines and are currently marketed as health supplements.