Comenius 2004 - 2007     *******     Shaping the European Future Together

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Monday,   Day of arrivals
Tuesday, 09.00 Preparing Agenda for conference


Last arrangements Eisenberg - Limassol

Students take part in lessons

  11.00 Visit in school
  13.00 End of first day
Wednesday, 09.00 Greetings, starting the Conference
  09.30 Looking back to last years projects
19.10.2005 10.15 

Assessment points for last years projects

Discuss ideas for staff/student conference this afternoon

  10.30 First round: Discussion on aims, themes or projects for 2005/2006
  11.00 Break - visit stadium for sports day

Second round: time to propose projects for every school - if possible

we should describe in detail

  14.00 End of work on programme 2005/2006 second round
  16.00 Staff and Student conference
Thursday, 09.00 Starting the second day: looking back to yesterdays process
  09.15 More time on proposals in detail (if necessary)
20.10.2005 10.00 Discussion about projects to work on definitely
11.00 Break

Working in groups to plan:

Name of projects, contents, rules, expected results, responsibilities


  12.00 Short feedback about first results
  12.00 End of work
Friday, 09.00 

Go on working in groups:

Write down papers, preparing to present final plans for chosen

 projects in detail

21.10.2005 11.00 Break
11.15 Presentations
  12.15 Looking back to our work in these last days
  12.45 Looking forward in year 2006/2007 and following period (2007 - 2010)
  13.30 End of work
  14.00 Optional extra time if needed
Saturday, 14.00 

Preparing presentations for International Evening

Exhibition for countries

22.10.2005 16.00 Break
16.30 Program International Evening
  18.30 Meeting for small talk